About us


CELF is a British beauty brand with a line of hair care products that are focused on performance and products that give life to your hair. Even thе most stunning hair may look dull and lifeless if it does not get enough care.

We believe that a beautiful and a healthy-looking hair always attracts attention and let you feel divine. Our hair products have been designed to nourish аnd restore balance. Our entire range of products are vegan-friendly аnd cruelty-free.

CELF haircare products are for women who love to take care of themselves, and for women on the go, who demand high- performance salon-quality haircare.

Our fresh brand is all about YOU! We know that having beautiful hair makes you feel gorgeous on the inside and out. Our aim is to provide quality at-home haircare routines that keep pace with your busy lifestyle. 



CELF haircare was founded by a Jamaican-born, London raised Coline Benjamin. My love for hair began in childhood, as I crafted healthy grooming rituals for my hair. It was and still is traditional for myself and other Jamaican females to make time for our hair. I can recall clearly as a child meeting on the weekends in Jamaica with friends or families just to ‘comb through’, ‘twist’, ‘Bantu knots’ or plait each other’s hair. It does not matter іf you have straight, wavey, curly or kinky hair maintaining your hair is important.

 Whу Uѕ?

The CELF range blends the purity of nature with the power of science, leaving your hair feeling healthy and revived without a build-up of product coating the hair.


Take care of yourCELF + the planet with a cleaner beauty routine.

As a mother, Coline felt pulled towards action. So she changed her lifestyle to reduce the amount of plastic in her family’s homes and lives and she set her sights on a cleaner, more innovative future for the hair care industry. With CELF, she brings her sustainable way of life to the lives of her customers and the beauty industry, with a line that combines salon-level performance and clean ingredients.

Coline Benjamin, Founder CELF haircare